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About Us

Manek Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic, stands for the best in the world of dermatology. It caters basic dermatology (Skin disease, leprosy and sexually transmitted disease) & cosmetic dermatology (aesthetic procedure, cosmetic surgeries & laser). Making others look good is a science as well as art. At Manek Dermatologist, cosmetologist & Plastic Surgeons come together to offer solutions to every possible beauty concern. Together we offer a sciebtific face and body makeovers.

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Our range of services include Skin Threading Service, Skin Waxing Service, Skin Spa Manicure/ Pedicure Service...


Consultation for all kinds of skin diseases Eg :Psoriasis, Acne, Lichen planus, Leprosy, Eczemas, Infections, Atopic dermatitis, etc. Pigmentary disorders – Vitiligo, Melasma, Facial hyperpigmentation etc. Geriatric skin diseases i.e. Skin care of elderly Hair & Nail disorders, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV / AIDS.


Computerised Diagnosis of Skin Diseases

Dermato Surgery

Various dermatosurgical procedures to treat Vitiligo, Keloid, Warts, Small skin tumours etc.


Liquid N2 gas with (-196 C) temperature to treat keloid, common warts etc.


Fine cautery to treat Lentigenes, Small warts, Skin tags, Naevii etc. It works on Radio frequency waves.

UVB Chamber

To treat Vitiligo, (Leukoderma) & Psoriasis etc.

Skin Biopsy

Reporting by Dermatopathologist.


For common warts, Skin tags etc.

Interalesional Injection

For Alopecia Areata

Woods lamp

To detect fungal infection, To evaluate various pigmentary disorders.


Doctors have different roles and responsibilities based on their level of experience and their medical specialty.

Dr. Mukesh D. Shah


Dr. Mukesh D. Shah has done M.B.B.S. from Grant Medical, J.J. Hospital, Mumbai in  1989. Thereafter he did his  M.D. (Skin) , F.C.P.S. D.V.D. & D.D.V.  from Seth G.S. Medical, K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai in 1994.

Dr. Swati Thakker


The doctor completed BHMS in 1990 and Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine in 2005.